Gabby B releases two new eclectic tracks honoring her Brazilian roots

Miami-based artist Gabby B continues her mission of empowering women with her latest music releases, embodying confidence and fun while exerting a profound influence on relationships.

Her newest offerings include two music videos and tracks that resonate with themes of empowerment, independence, and liberation from past relationships. The Reggaeton-infused anthem “Si No Sabias” is a testament to Gabby B’s Brazilian and Latina roots, celebrating the rhythm and energy of Reggaeton while delivering a message of empowerment. Produced by Carlos Vidal Meijias and directed by Sebastian Andrade of ORANGE, the first single was available worldwide on February 2, 2024, across major streaming platforms.

In “Lickorish”, Gabby draws inspiration from Brazilian Funk, infusing the track with high energy and a rebellious spirit. Sung in Portuguese and English, the song exudes confidence and playfulness, encouraging listeners to embrace their independence and sensuality. Written by Gabby B and Joseph Lopez, with music produced by Lopez and a video directed by Sebastian Andrade, this vibrant release arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day, enriching Gabby B’s catalogue with another dynamic offering.

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Reflecting on her artistic journey, Gabby expresses her affinity for Brazilian Funk, highlighting its playful and sensual nature. She finds joy in the repetitive ad-libs and distinctive sounds characteristic of the genre, infusing her music with its infectious energy.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Gabby B is a versatile talent based in South Florida, where she co-owns the independent label, Muy Bueno. She is intricately involved in her artistic process, from choreography creation to designing and crafting her performance costumes, showcasing her multifaceted skill set.

In 2023, Gabby garnered acclaim with her single “Leche,” featuring Latin pop singer Vikina and produced by Emmy winner Joseph Lopez. The accompanying video, produced by Global Filmz, has amassed over half a million views and received airplay support from prominent radio stations, solidifying Gabby B’s status as a rising star in the music industry.

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