Gia Woods searches for toxic love in new single “PCH”

The up-and-coming sapphic superstar Gia Wood comes out of the woodwork for a new pop banger, “PCH” (Pretty Cold Heart),  in preparation for a new project. 

“PCH” (Pretty Cold Heart) is a multi-layered luscious track that demonstrates Woods’s growth in song composition while remaining true to her innate vocal styles and vulnerable songwriting.

“PCH” is as relatable in the chorus as it can get.

The main chorus of the song explores this theme of masochistic love. The lyrics tell a story of one obsessed with the idea of finding comfort through the love of a woman, only to follow a self-destructive path. 

Accompanied by L.A pop producer, BHAM and Ryan Johnogren, the song takes a break from the glam pop style showcased on previous singles for something similar, yet more straightforward in supporting the vocals. 

The mix of honest lyrics and unavoidably catchy pop sounds result in the perfect song to have on while you drive to your ex’s house. 

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