Goldkimono reflects with the introspective “Does it Move You”

Dutch producer, songwriter and artist Goldkimono is a fascinating voice to the new music space, and on his third single to date, “Does it Move You,” he excels in pushing his sound into further new territories.

Leaving home as a teen to travel the world, the myriad of cultures Goldkimono experienced can be felt through his nuanced and often metamorphic music, with each of his three releases an entirely unique experience.

His debut, “To Tomorrow,” was a sun-soaked and laidback indie-pop record that perfectly captures a warm sense of wanderlust, which then smoothly transitioned into the buoyant, tropical rhythms of the follow-up, “Electric Swing.”

On his third effort, he progressively strides forward once again, stepping out of the shortlived comfort zone built with his first two offerings. With it’s motivating platitudes and more casually delivered vocal, the vocals take more of a backseat in lieu of the simply delivered, yet wildly enveloping vibe provided by the almost hypnotic guitar loops, driving bass and steadfast rhythm. 

Goldkimono explains via a statement, “This is a song about self-reflection. Or rather, self-maintenance. We currently live in an interesting, but pretty challenging time. One in which our minds are progressively occupied with navigating through uncertainty and unpredictability. In such times (like all times), it seems good to take a break and ask yourself; what moves me? What am I doing, and why? The answer to such questions will undoubtedly sound different for everyone. However, that doesn’t stop this song from attempting to inspire an answer. It’s here to remind us of our vitality in a world where we tend to underestimate our own ability to take control of our lives. ‘Don’t change the world, just change your socks’ as said in the chorus, is an animated way of saying that, to bring change to the world we have to bring change to ourselves. We are not cemented into our personalities and conditioning. In fact, we can check ourselves out of the boxes we (or they) have put us in. If it moves you, that is…”

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