Liza explores the journey of letting go on “a little bit more” [Video]

Whether it’s her petal-soft vocals or humble spirit, Liza is a treasure that brings gentle relatability and heartfelt emotion to each record she pens. On “a little bit more”, the Toronto-rooted, LA-based singer-songwriter brings that same delicate elegance to front and center stage.

A reflective track dipped in bittersweet nostalgia, “a little bit more” sees Liza embrace heartbreak as a catalyst for realignment. Her mesmerizing soprano is complemented by a minimalistic, and equally moving piano arrangement from Toronto producer Akeel Henry.

In the midst of moving on from an old flame, she comes to terms with some of the emotions that make it hard to let go fully. The visuals for “a little bit more”, directed by Darani Urgessa, are sprinkled with subtle symbolism and movement to illustrate the struggle, and art, of letting go.

Draped in all-black as memories replay on reloop, Liza relives old memories as she balances the weight of moving forward. Reminding us that reconnecting with yourself doesn’t happen overnight, Liza is transparent about the highs and lows after loss. Serving as part two of the pages turned in her diary on her sophomore EP DONE IS DONE, “a little bit more” reveals that inkling to stay stuck on what was, and the desire to still feel wanted and needed.

As she gets closer to burying the past behind, Liza leaves with one honest wish, to at least be missed “a little bit more”.

Watch the video for “a little bit more” above.

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