INFAMOUSIZAK is in the fast lane with new release “USED TO IT” [Video]

IMFAMOUSIZAK has found euphoria within the high life as he delivers the visuals for his latest single “USED TO IT.” The South London rapper has been buzzing for a while following last year’s EP Deep The Night. Back in December, he mentioned that he would be working towards delivering lush projects to represent his area’s sound. It makes all the sense as to why his new release has so much ambition and luxury behind it. 

“USED TO IT” is a mystical dream riddled with high-fashion and ecstasy-inducing production sounds. Whatever it is, it becomes INFAMOUSIZAK’s playground as he coasts along with the gorgeous production. The dark, peaceful backdrop and heavy 808s on this song further accentuate his mantric voice. The production fully submerges listeners into his world. 

Ella Violetta’s cinematography in the accompanying music video takes the song’s nightlife essence to new heights. IMFAMOUSIZAK is depicted stepping on the gas in the 3-minute short film and possibly drowning in the lifestyle he’s become accustomed to. The fine detail within the rapper’s latest release is noticeable and a hopeful sign for what it is to come next. 

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