Irish duo Tebi Rex pushes the boundaries of hip-hop on 'It’s Gonna Be Okay'

Irish duo Tebi Rex infuses a rock edge into their alternative hip-hop sound on their latest album, It’s Gonna Be Okay, exploring subjects like capitalism, mental health and death with a quick wit and versatile soundscape that moves swiftly from soft vocals to frenetic beats.

While the album opens with gentle and minimal , with the sing-song styling of “We're Here Because We're Here,” the duo doesn't linger in this space for long as they bring edgier, guitar-led touches with  “Deadman,” and “Oh It Hurts,” before moving smoothly onto softer tones again on stand-out, socially conscious tracks “Fear Lasta Lampai,” and “Hanging With Trees,” the latter  underpinned by singer Roe’s angelic vocals.

The 11-track album which taps into the duo’s penchant for wit is a self-described attempt at optimism which moves into an atmospheric feel that stands out within the lush production, as the conceptual style of “A Tree In The Woods” breaks down the confines of genre with a sharp yet warped blend of sonics.

Focused on themes of frustration and introspection filtered by carefullt constructed rhymes, the duo channel their self-reflective approacg to music and the world around them on the album. Whether weaving a confrontational anthem delving to Irish politics on “Deadman II,” or the quieter contemplation of one's purpose on final track "Happy To Be Here,” aptly ending the album on a combination of introspective lyricism with sonics speckled with wisps of enthusiasm. 

A body of work that sees the rising pair Matt O’Baoill and Max Zanga push the boundaries of the sound by embracing pop sensibilities, and folding it into their trademark rap founded on an earworm combination of O’Baoill’s soft vocals and laidback charm with Zanga’s deeper tones and personality.

From hope and passion to despair and rage, It’s Gonna Be Okay establishes Tebi Rex’s ability to move from dark aggression to uplifting alt-pop swirls, taking us on a journey through intriguing narratives of modern Ireland, politics, racism, death and more all of it led by versatility.

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