Jass Clutch depicts the story of an independent woman on “Hold Up”

North Carolina rapper Jass Clutch depicts the story of a strong, independent woman on empowering track and video “Hold Up,” featuring her trademark crisp rhythms and lyrical flow.

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Crafted with a fierce touch meant to keep men in check, the impactful number showcase the raw talent that established Clutch as an explosive musician and YouTube sensation as she weaves a powerful vibe that immediately sets her up as a force to be reckoned with.

Led by anthemic beats and bold delivery backdropped by sultry touches, the track is a groovy yet gritty production that shines a light on Clutch’s natural confidence.

With consecutive hits to her name including a collaboration with Finese2Tymes, this new track sees her advance further in her musical journey to the top as she turns up the excitement for a new year of infectious soundscapes.

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