Jelena Ciric explores the parallels and contradictions of modern dating on “Rome”

Jelena Ciric, a singer-songwriter who originates from Serbia and grew up in Canada, releases a sonically impressive single, “Rome”. Drawing from both the vibrant folk harmonies of the Balkans and the songwriting heritage of North America, this piano-vocal led song builds up to be joined by beautiful strings and a faint drum beat to carry us through. Jelena’s vocals hold a gentle quality with a control and raw power, as she explores the commodity of fleeting relationships.

Jelena has embarked on a creative voyage that took her on musical adventures through Toronto, Spain, and Mexico, ultimately discovering her artistic haven in Iceland. Now based in the idyllic city of Reykjavík, she works towards her upcoming EP, Shelters two, scheduled for this Autumn of 2023.

Jelena talks on the topic of the track, “I sometimes joke that it’s about Romulus, Remus and Tinder. It asks the question: what was dating like in Ancient Rome? Despite how the world has changed, I suspect that our inner lives are very much the same as peoples were thousands of years ago”

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Photo credit: Juliette Rowland