Jim Andralis shares cathartic new single “My Beautiful Enemy- Stripped”

Pennsylvania born and New York based singer/songwriter Jim Andrails has unleashed a stunning slow-burned single “My Beautiful Enemy- Stripped”. The track is off of his newly released four song EP entitled I’m A Monster. The EP is composed of three stirpped down singles and a unique Taylor Swift cover of “cardigan”.

With “My Beautiful Enemy”, Jim Andralis writes an emotional and heartfelt song all about questioning our past connections. He sings, “who hurt you first / who hurt you worst / who did you wrong / who stole your song,” asking for contemplation and introspection on the people in our lives who brought about past trauma. The song also brings about positive recollections of the ones who held us high and accepted us for who we are, he sings, “who held your hand / who hung your star / who loved you just / the way you are.” Musically, “My Beautiful Enemy- Stripped” highlights soft electric guitar riffs and warm echoing vocals. Seductive melodies overhang sparse soundscapes focusing the listener to hear the important lyrics.

Jim Andralis began his solo career with the release of his debut 2016 album Your Dying Wish Come True. Since then, the prolific singer/songwriter has released multiple albums, EPs and singles all unique and enthralling in their own way. Take a listen to “My Beautiful Enemy- Stripped” and enjoy the sonic ride.

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