JUICE MENACE’s “Pink Notes” is an unapologetic dance-floor filling jam

Eclectic UK genre-bending artist JUICE MENACE has built an impressive albeit short catalogue and has since gotten cosigns from top radio personalities and big platforms such as GRM Daily and was recently the winner of the  Welsh Music Prize’s Triskel Award for rising artists in 2021. Known for her distinct, quirky and non-conformist musical style, JUICE MENACE continues the slew of releases with this new single titled “Pink Notes” which sees her entering the pop-infused dance department with the aid of producer Takjakob who crafts a bouncy retro-tinged backdrop for her.

From four-to-the-floor drum grooves, lush electronic synths, rousing drum fills and bright pads, JUICE weaves through the layered sounds with her laidback and sultry flow underpinned by unapologetic and unfiltered raps that include lines like “If you don’t want no trouble at your party, don’t invite me/ It’s likely a bitch wanna bite me“. It’s quite playful and showcases her strength as a writer who is not afraid to let her mind run uncheckered throughout the record.

“Pink Notes” is her follow-up to last year’s “Creepin’”, a firm fan favourite already and a single that is proving to be one of Juice’s most popular tracks, which was released through a series of vertical short-form videos on Instagram.

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