KAR33M and Idris Lawal break the “Shackles”

Afro-soul artist KAR33M teams up with Idris Lawal  for a reflective duet titled “Shackles.” The song details the journey of the protagonist who goes on a soul-searching mission into the unknown while trying to effect change in society but the result is quite tragic. Bolstered by the moody and sublime production by Delaad and Ramoon, both singers approach the subject matter from varying degrees. Idris Lawal kickstarts the track with his unique drawl and gives listeners a vivid account of the unfortunate events happening to the protagonist, this is followed by KAR33M’s third and first person narrative. In case the message gets lost, the setting of the tale is an unknown location in Nigeria, but the context could be applied anywhere else.

“Shackles” is quite a trip of a record and blends the undeniable groove of Afropop and experimental soul/jazz in a seamless fashion. The duo also represents their African roots by using Nigerian pidgin and some Yoruba to emphasize certain parts of the song. “Shackles” is KAR33M’s follow-up single to his previous release “NASO.” Before this, he put out the neo-soul EP titled WHOAMI? An EP about Black Identity, love, and existentialism.  Today, he creates Afro-Soul music that reflects the current state of his world and the perspectives of members of the Black diaspora. 

Listen to “Shackles” on all DSPs here.

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