Katy Pinke teases forthcoming album project with emotive and vulnerable new single “Grapefruit”

Returning with the latest single from her captivating new album, U.S Songwriter Katy Pinke shares the gorgeous new indie-folk single “Grapefruit” delicately weaves threads of personal reflection into a tapestry of universal emotion. As the final track on her debut album, it stands as a poignant tribute to her late grandmother, infusing the album’s soul-searching journey with a raw honesty that resonates deeply. The song’s simplicity, recorded in a single day without overdubs, mirrors its emotional authenticity, capturing the essence of human experience with bravery and grace.

In the accompanying video, Pinke’s editing prowess merges home footage from the early nineties with present-day scenes, creating a mesmerizing blend of documentary and reverie. It’s a poignant exploration of memory and longing, as Pinke searches for traces of her grandmother in the sensory landscape of her past. Through its heartfelt melody and evocative visuals, “Grapefruit” transcends individual loss to evoke a timeless sense of connection and remembrance. It’s a tender lullaby to the enduring power of love and memory, beautifully rendered by Pinke’s multifaceted artistry.

Explaining the single and accompanied video, Pinke explains that

“This song is like a lullaby to myself. It was to deal with the pain of love and loss, of trying to find and remember love after loss. The melody came to me from another place — something tucked in a far-away corner in my mind, maybe from a time before I knew what it meant to lose someone you love, who loves you back —  but it quickly became the kind of melody I would associate with that bittersweet feeling. Maybe I heard it in twinkling notes floating out of the jewelry box I had, or maybe it was the melody to a show-tune I’ve forgotten. There is a part of me suspended in time, protected in love, even when the rest of me hasn’t thought it was. This video is a tribute to that part.”

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