Khi Infinite can't get enough on "EASE" [Video]

For an artist like Virginia Beach's Khi Infinite, it's commonplace to wear his emotions on his sleeve.  His music so far is a prodigious blend of moody and inward-facing alt-rap that varies from indie-esque ballads to dark and brooding emo-trap.  He focuses almost exclusively on the latter in his fresh single "EASE".  

Leaning more closely to the moody, distortion-addled stylings of rising artists like BIGBABYGUCCI and Kevin Kazi, Infinite's newest release (produced by frequent collaborator Palace Hill) is noticeably more dark, gritty, and hip-hop-centric than his previous releases "LUCY" and "DEEP END" that existed in a more alt-pop space.  Utilizing the animalistic and raw autotuned style of Travis Scott (with ad-libs to match), "EASE" is a pained and emotional cut that bleeds with Infinite's impassioned vocals.  Following the darker and more focused tone, the accompanying visual (directed by Infinite and Mikey D'Amico) focuses on the concept of struggling to balance the care and love for someone else with one's own personal wellbeing and sanity.  Infinite had to say of the song, “'EASE' is about real love. No matter the argument, it’s about being there and caring for your other while dealing with self-battles.  'EASE' is about letting go and letting raw emotion in.”

"EASE" is the lead single from Infinite's upcoming TAKE WHAT YOU NEED EP due out soon via APG.  The 20-year-old Virginia native seems poised to make that next sonic leap to come full circle on his sound, whether it be with self-reflective bangers like "EASE" or more indie-esque entries like "DEEP END," rest assured Infinite will find a way to deliver.  

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