Larry June & Cardo share smooth collaboration, "Friday Activities"

Perennial collaborators Larry June and Cardo have joined forces once again to share a smooth new track called "Friday Activities." Drawing from classic Bay Area hip-hop influences, the rapper and producer craft a sound that is as charismatic and easy-going as ever, making for a truly enjoyable listening experience. 

The instrumental for "Friday Activities"— produced by Cardo— captures the feeling of summer through warm synths and relaxed guitars. Beneath, booming 808s and crisp percussion are added to balance out the beat, locking in a head-nodding groove. Moreover, June comes through with some assured, poignant vocals, essentially discussing being present and living life to the fullest. His vocals reflect the amount of experience he has in the rap game, as they sound truly seasoned and confident. 

Larry June and Cardo have worked together on numerous projects in the past, including the elegant album, Cruise Usa, probably their most widely known project to this date. The two share an undeniable chemistry and a deep understanding of each other's sound, which translates to effortless, memorable releases. "Friday Activities" is no exception, as the two come through with an engaging, poised single that makes for a fitting soundtrack to the ending of summer. 

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