Leah Mason shares empowering anthem “Klepto”

Nashville-based pop singer and songwriter Leah Mason shares empowering anthem “Klepto,” that marries her penchant for introspective storytelling with up-tempo, alt-pop sonics.  An catchy offering that dives into a frustrating personal experience with a friend rooted in touches of relatability.

Speaking of the message behind the track, Mason says, The song is about this friend I had who I noticed started to take a lot of ‘inspiration’ from me. She would subtly ask me about where my clothes were from, and the next week she’d show up in the same thing I had been wearing. It was flattering at first, but she eventually started messing around with the people in my life, like talking to guys she knew I liked and inviting my friends to hang out without me. It was like she wanted my life. It was so frustrating because it felt like she would try to take everything I told her about. She was a goddamn klepto!”

With a fearless and catchy musicality that captures the essence of what it means to be a twenty-something woman in today’s world, Mason who explores themes like heartbreak, friendship breakups, love and loss, steps into a fresh sonic chapter as she solidifies her place in pop.

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