Linda Varg speaks of life’s emotional hardships in “Standing In The Middle Of The Road”

Swedish pop artist Linda Varg has just unveiled her latest single, “Standing In The Middle Of The Road.” The stunning track is a personal anthem speaking of the songwriter’s own struggles with bullying and the emotional hardships that we’re often faced with in life. Rising like a phoenix from the flames, Varg uses these obstacles to make her stronger, conquering everything that gets in her way. This song is like sonic medicine, providing an uplifting message of hope at a time when we need it the most. 

Varg’s powerful vocals soar atop the beautiful guitar-plucked melodies, toe-tapping rhythm and bold percussion. Creating a warm, sunshine feeling, it encompasses you like a big hug, reminding you that everything will be alright. The songwriter shares, “The message is that you should never let anyone, anything, or any circumstances run you over. What might seem like a failure, broken dreams, or insurmountable obstacles or challenges can instead be the passage or opening to something much greater than you could ever have imagined. So do whatever you want in life and don’t live as a victim of your own bad thoughts.” 

You may recognize Varg from the Swedish TV show Popstars, or her time spent in the multi-platinum group Supernatural. Her distinctive voice and strong image brings to mind the likes of Sia, delivering a similar compelling and dominating female presence. The release follows her other 2021 singles, “Mr Morrison” and “Weak,” both of which stay true to Varg’s desire to create inspirational music for the masses. It’s fair to say, if you’re ever in need of a pick-me-up, Linda Varg is the one for you.

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