Lo-Fi hip-hop exponent Jazzinuf releases ‘Barista Beats’ compilation

After amassing over 15 million plays on Spotify in 2019,  the New York-based producer and pianist Jazzinuf decided to create his own label Etymology Records. To celebrate, he just dropped their first compilation entitled Barista Beats

In a time when social interactions are forbidden and people can’t chill out in cafes, Barista Beats gathers 20 tracks from 18 distinct lo-fi hip-hop producers. Each track garners inspiration from a unique beverage and displays the vibe and flavors of each through moody beats and organic textures.

“Dahlia” from Oatmello kick things off and highlights the mellow and dreamy vibes fans of the genre adore while A.S.T.R.O‘ “Swirly Smoothie” blends snappy beats with Latin American infused acoustic guitar samples. 

Morning coffee fits into the routine of many creatives, there is nothing like waking up and preparing some fresh beans and firing up some tasty playlist, “Mocha Latte” by hyasu captures this atmosphere in an introspective tune fueled by jazzy piano lines and filtered sweeps. Moving along Jazzinuf’s “So Creamy” highlights some old school sample flipping topped with vinyl scratches and orchestral harmonies.

With summer just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere, very few beverages taste as refreshing as lemonade, and Frad captures the essence of the drink in the form of music with the short but beautiful “New York Lemonade”. In the end, there is still space for “Love Affogato” a collaboration between Rook1e and Jazznif that leaves a nostalgic taste and serves as a reflective mirror on life and its hidden pleasures. 

Isolation for many producers happens naturally as they lock themselves for hours in order to honor their craft anyway but most do it by love not by a lack of choice. When lockdown comes as imperative to survival, inspiration still flows and Barista Beats encapsulates a fine selection of lo-fi tunes that serve as the perfect companion for a rainy afternoon.

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