London artist Marco Tamimi drops heartwarming track "Rose"

London-based musician Marco Tamimi drops delicate track “Rose,” with an important message reminding us to cherish the little things in life. Built on a soft soundscape of melodic keys and soothing percussions, the ballad is a blissful journey led by the deep but gentle vocal stylists of Tamimi.

With a lush, soulful tone which weaves intricate narratives of wanting to relive all those moments we take for granted in a hazy sketch of introspections carved into the hearts of listeners. The relatable message of “Rose,” leads us though vivid glimpses of comforting moments of simplicity adorned in love telling stories of spending time with a close friend and reminiscing the warmth and weight of physical touches from a loved one.

Lending a stunning maturity beyond his years, the theme of the track elevates Tamimi’s carefully crafted pop sound as the rising singer-songwriter brings to life a sonic world developed with the powerful combination of catchy pop hooks and intelligent song writing as his love for music collides with his natural talent for lyricism, sculpting a potent and versatile brand of artistry.

His gentle vocals blending into calming instrumentals, the Cambridgeshire-born 25-year-old makes music best described as “ indie pop with a pensive punch.” Two years of hyper-focused writing and recording behind him, Tamimi has developed a sound that’s heartfelt and uplifting teasing out happiness tinged with melancholy from his listeners.

With “Rose,” acting as a sparkling precursor to a new, soon-to-release, collection of music, this young singer who draws inspiration from the likes of JC Stewart, Lewis Capaldi and JP Saxe is making his way up slowly but surely, cementing his status as one to watch in the UK pop scene.

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