Madisyn Gifford delivers a twist on breakup anthems on "Nice Things"

Vancouver pop artist Madisyn Gifford, delivers playful single “Nice Things,” an upbeat twist on breakup anthems that sees Gifford channel charm and confidence led by melodic vocals with a sassy edge. A tongue-in-cheek track that feels like a celebration of the rising artist’s personality, as she pokes light-hearted fun at her quirks, the track is the self-love anthem we all need.

With a retro-influenced music video that draws inspiration from “ a 60’s housewife,” concept, “Nice Things,” is vibrant and energetic as she captures her eccentricities with ease. Tapping into the playful, slightly self-depracating vibe of the song the video, which sees her smash a lamp on accident endears us with a sweet clumsiness that does nothing to belie the creativity of Gifford’s sing-along music.

Creating relatable sonic worlds for us to slip into since her debut release, “Without You,” proved her ability to balance a laid-back sense of humor with a sharp skill to craft narrative heavy tales on her EP Learning To Exist, taking us along on her journey from adolescence to adulthood. Showcasing an impressive ability to span a wide array of emotions within a swirl of earworm pop, the quickly rising star’s latest production is one that sets her up as a force to be reckoned with in Canada’s pop scene.

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