Mandi Crimmins opens up about her journey with her mental health in ‘BORDERLINE’

Hailing from Massachusetts, the now Los Angeles-based alternative pop rock artist Mandi Crimmins has just unveiled some of her most confessional work to date, with her new EP, BORDERLINE. The six-track release sees Crimmins opening up about her journey with her mental health, detailing her diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and the emotions and experiences that come with it. 

Not afraid to speak her truth, Crimmins confides, “While I was in the process of writing the EP, I actually ended up getting diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Writing to me is therapeutic and usually whatever is weighing on my mind most comes out during the writing session. After I finished the EP, I realized that I had been writing about my diagnosis before I even had it. They all perfectly described what it feels like to be in my head.”

Sonically, the EP reflects the mix of emotions Crimmins felt during this time, from chaotic and energetic moments to more lethargic and melancholy periods. Relentless, raw and relatable, this fearless songwriter touches on topics that others often shy away from, allowing listeners to feel seen. 

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