Matt Ó reveals melodic hip-hop EP ‘Messer’ with lead single “Something New”

Fresh from riding a wave of critical acclaim from his recent singles, Irish artist, and one half of alternative hip-hop duo Tebi Rex, Matt Ó has just dropped his new EP Messer with lead single “Something New.”

“Something New’ blends sparkling guitar samples with Matt Ó’s laidback and effortlessly rhythmic flow. Playful with witty quips throughout, the melodic chorus brings an infectious sing-a-long quality that enhances and embellishes Matt’s signature sound.

Matt elaborates: “Recorded in Dublin’s iconic Windmill Lane Recording Studios, this song’s purpose is to embody the concept of being a ’messer’. It’s fun, silly, energetic, and importantly it’s meant to put a smile on the listeners’ faces, whilst still demonstrating who I am, and what this EP is about.”

This track embodies the lighter part of the EP, a huge part of being a “messer” I guess. It’s meant to be unserious, and just a laugh. Especially at Justin Timberlake’s expense. How’d ya like that JT? HUH?”

The EP as a whole brings introspective cuts alongside Matt’s lighter lyricism, with humorous elements neatly balancing out astute observations and conclusions. Matt Ó describes this as “writing about what you know, and not what others are interested in”, something that sums up this project well.

Hip-Hop and R&B sounds melt together with ease across the board, with melody and energy mingling throughout. ‘Messer’ is an unmissable EP that cements Matt’s craft as something undeniably unique.

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