Me Nd Adam regret their quarantine hangover in “Something Better”

Austin duo Me Nd Adam drop their candid new single “Something Better”, admitting that the past few months in quarantine might have taken its toll on their livers. A relatable theme, that most of us can probably identify with, Me Nd Adam aren’t ashamed to confess they might need a little detox. The energetic track comes to life through colliding synths and crashing percussion creating an upbeat, party anthem that you won’t be able to keep still to.

Over the past year, Me Nd Adam, a.k.a Adam and Vince, have been cooking up a storm and we all want to take a bite. Their combination of honest and topical narratives, along with infectious, fearless soundscapes cements them firmly in the limelight. It’s rare to find something that ticks all the boxes and yet Me Nd Adam seem to do just that. Both their sound and image is unparalleled, making them distinctly their own.

The duo give further meaning to the single explaining, “You keep waking up every morning hungover and telling yourself you gotta get your sh*t together but the next thing you know you’re back on the wagon, boozin’ again. You might be self-aware enough to know it’s no good, but you’re too lazy or messed up to actually do anything about it.”

“Something Better” is the third single to be released off of their upcoming debut album American Drip Part I. The duo have given us a sample of what we can expect in the fall and we can hardly wait.

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