[Music Video] FRANKIIE drops surreal indie-pop number “Visions”

Vancouver indie-pop outfit FRANKIIE  gives us a glimpse of upcoming sophomore album Between Dreams, with dreamy number “Visions,” alongside a music video. Encapsulating the ethereal feeling of something beyond our current reality, the track carries a relatable message, evoking a magical sense of déja vu within us.

[embedded content]

Framed by thoughtful, poetic lyricism, “Visions,” weaves a surreal narrative of experiencing something strange yet strikingly familiar. The hypnotic track is rooted in the vibrant and summery combination of dream-pop,  vintage classic rock and garage surf-rock that the entire album is set to offer up.

With a melodic yet beachy soundscape with a timeless yet refreshing vibe to it, FRANKIIE leaves us excited for the magical but grounding sonic journey that awaits us.

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