MED and Guilty Simpson are always in “The Hundreds” [Video]

West coast veteran emcee MED and Detroit’s Guilty Simpson share “The Hundreds” video from their collaborative project entitled Child Of The Jungle. The track is a bouncy, electro-infused funk jam that details the true essence of being true to oneself at all times. MED sets the tone with his energetic flow and drops more than a couple of gems for us to live by in this world where truth is a rarity. He is followed by a smooth, funky melodic chorus from oft-overlooked singer Kokane, who does a fine job with his George Clinton-inspired performance. Guilty Simpson holds down the fort in the second verse and reminisces on the ups and downs, imploring us to always appreciate the small mercies that come our way.

The visual is straightforward and performance-focused, as viewers get to see MED and Guilty Simpson in their element. I doubt if any special effects were used, and the visual is crisp while the transitions from scene to scene are seamless.

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