Mercy Cartel unveils luscious offering “HORIZON”

R&B rising star Mercy Cartel unveils luscious offering “HORIZON,” weaving powerful drums,  rich basslines and warm synths together with angelic vocals. A sparkling yet dark sonic experience that’s laced with confidence, the track taps into a tale of forlorn love and self-destruction, exploring the dark allure of substance abuse as a coping mechanism.

With a nostalgia 80s-synth wave styling and poignant narratives on love, substance abuse, and the intoxicating, the track draws from Cartel’s personal experience and transforms into a relatable experience.

Speaking of the track, she says, “I wrote this record after experiencing deep concern for a troubled guy I was seeing after a sudden period of “ghosting” when I lived in Bristol. It turns out he was literally in London in crack houses, shooting up heroin and dealing with demons that had nothing to do with me.”

Having carved out a space with her genre-bending musicality of R&B, hip-hop and gospel, Cartel’s strikingly observational and witty artistry unpacks unique experiences and ruminations on mental health, relationships and a turbulent journey through womanhood as she continues to cement her space in the industry.

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