mynameisntjmack continues prolific run with “Leak”

Virginia artist mynameisntjmack has shared a new single called “Leak”. Continuing his prolific run into 2023 after 2022 saw the success of his genre-bending track “BUNKER/ PREROLL” with Tommy Richman, as well as a flurry of other offerings like the jazzy “NEWBRASSKNUCKLES”, “Leak” further showcases that  mynameisntjmack never lacks in rich originality. Often positioning himself as somewhat of an enigma, “Leak” chooses to a deeper look into his personal trials and tribulations in an engagingly confessional manner. With production from Gutty, John Wehmeyer, lim0, and Zach Niess, we hear this young man pour his pain and passion out atop layered, pensive production.

“Leak”‘s production creates a mercurial, thoughtful backdrop with swelling keys, elegant flutes, and a rich, infectious bass-line. As bouncy, lively percussion drops in beneath, mynameisntjmack enters with captivating flows that remain dynamic throughout, capped off by a memorable hook. A beat switch midway through gives way to a more laid-back, airy soundscape with nostalgic guitars blending smoothly with silky strings and minimalistic, dusty drums, with mynameisntjmack easing back on his delivery while giving his verses a reminiscent feel that enhances the instrumentation.

jmack shared a powerful piece of insight behind this cut, saying that “essentially I stopped taking xanax and it didn’t make a difference, so nobody forgave me. This song is my way of dealing with that. I feel like every time I make music, I’m attempting to perfectly represent my mental state. There are so many beat switches and subtle changes to the pockets because my thoughts and emotions are rarely ever constant. The first half of this song is meant to describe the manic nature of my recent experiences, and attempting to stop taking xanax for the first time since I was 16. It doesn’t seem to matter, because nothing changed, and nothing improved, as evidenced by the latter half of the track. On the second half, I’m speaking to all those I’ve seemingly let down with my failure to become truly sober both in body and mind.”

A single from mynameisntjmack’s upcoming EP BOOKMARK, “Leak” makes for an introspective, engaging listen and has us excited to hear what may be coming from him on the new project.

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