Noah Guy perfects your summer soundtrack with “Little Bloomer”

20 year old Philadelphia native Noah Guy shares the latest single ahead of his 2020 EP. Accented with summer hues, “Little Bloomer” is a carefree introduction to an EP from an artist who’s dreamy vocals will make you want to book a holiday to a tropical island asap.

Sun-drenched and starry eyed, the single sweeps you into a friendly embrace with its playful melodies and slow R&B grooves. Relieving everyday stresses, “Little Bloomer” is a delightful melancholic single that showcases honeyed vocals and a intricate lyrical narrative. “Behind the feel-good surf/soul melodies, I talk about themes of uncertainty and loneliness” explains Noah in an email. “I think these are emotions many of us feel right now during this pandemic. My 2020 game plan has been to really just experiment with different vibes, vocal cadences, etc. Basically just seeing how far I can stretch the sounds and elements of R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop to carve a genre fluid lane of my own.” 

This track will soundtrack making pancakes and lovingly staring at your other half. It’s sonic bliss encased in a guitar-laced melody. It’s simplicity is enthralling. I’ve hit repeat on this continuously already, and I guarantee you’ll do the same.

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