Tom Ashbrook releases final single "We Begin" ahead of forthcoming album

Returning with the final single from his new album Solitudes, Liverpool-based producer Tom Ashbrook shares a glorious blend of electronic and orchestral elements in the form of "We Begin". A track that showcases Ashbrook’s immense production talent as well as his songwriting prowess, it’s a piece that blossoms from orchestral, staccato string sections to a warm and rich analogue synth production. 

Classically trained on piano from the age of 5, Tom Ashbrook grew up with an obsession with the emotion and songwriting mystique in film soundtracks. He took these techniques into his own songwriting and later, developed a love for synthesis and contemporary music production, the combination of which, has now formed the basis of his stunning and eclectic catalogue.  A lover of all aspects of production and collaboration, he’s also worked alongside rising South-African songwriter Julia Church on their incredible alt-electronic single "Souvenir" and a collaboration with Ruby Duff on "Not My Love".

One of the highlights from his forthcoming album, "We Begin" is a symphony of synth and orchestral nuances. Speaking on the new single, Ashbrook states“This arrangement is really special to me and brings back lots of memories of time I spent in Australia. It’s all about a journey, musically and emotionally." Speaking on his creative process, "Since I had the ideas for the melody, the track has been through so many changes and forms which coincides with its meaning; new beginnings and changes."

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