OOOTOKO unveil intimate yet expansive single “Theme Of Parallax”

Chamber pop supergroup OOOTOKO unveil new single “Theme Of Parallax,” delivering a seamless transition between serene touches of the piano cello, and glockenspiel and the soaring electric stylings of guitar, drums, brass, and vocals.

Moving gracefully from an intimate setting to a grandiose spread, the track is rooted in a recurring vocal theme, adding depth and continuity to the narrative.

A glimpse of their upcoming debut project as well as a showcase of their musical versatility, the captivating track invites us into the world that violinist Damien Chierici has crafted as the 19-member group.

Taking the audience through a range of emotions from melancholy and dreaminess to joy, the refined blend of rock, jazz, world and classical music unfurls before us and invites us in.

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