Oranj Goodman shines in debut single “Purple Glitter” 

Coming from Seattle, Washington, Oranj Goodman doesn’t make the typical grunge rock one may associate with the city. Instead he’s blending his own sound with hip-hop, pop, and R&B beats. Even though he’s just starting out, his name is one you will want to keep in mind as Goodman has the potential to rise to fame. Soon to release his debut album, Goodman builds the foundations of music career honestly with his raw first single, “Purple Glitter.” 

When listening, it’s hard not to think of artists like Frank Ocean. The track begins with a transcendent and wavering synth bass. The entire song is layered with chill and distorted rhythms, but it’s Goodman’s versatile and brooding vocals that steal the show. In the finale, a choir joins him, who help him bring the power home as Goodman speaks his truth.

Most importantly, the song acts as a catharsis for Goodman. He talks about the long journey it took to get to this point in his life, stating, “Growing up, religion was a big part of my life and it forced me to feel like someone I wasn’t. This song is about assessing how my Christian upbringing has made me feel because of my sexuality, and it’s also me coming out to the world as queer. It was a different kind of spirituality that led me to be comfortable with myself.”

The song’s video reflects the song’s themes. Saturated in reds, pinks, and gold, Goodman alternates between standing in the sign of the cross and gently holding a snake. It perfectly captures his intentions as he questions preconceived notions of good and bad.

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