Otis Mensah pours his heart out on “bruiser bb”

Interdisciplinary artist Otis Mensah releases the second single from his upcoming EP, ”bruiser bb “, The record has a warm and sombre vibe and captures Otis’ distinct poetry-infused raps. Here, we hear Otis digging deep into his thoughts and drawing out the emotional pain and inner struggles he has to endure and putting them on wax to decongest his spirit. His lyrics are candid and show us his vulnerable side to some extent, Otis is not afraid to confront and talk about his fears and how he manages to cope with all the madness surrounding him.

The track once again showcases Otis’ out-the-box style that encompasses poetry, rap and bluesy melodic elements which he seamlessly weave into each other.

For those that don’t know, Otis Mensah is the first hip-hop artist to be awarded a poet laureate title in the UK.

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