Philadelphia staples 4VR & 7Minutes2LA connect on fiery album, '7MINUTES24VR'

Local music scenes have started to die at the hands of the internet. Sites like SoundCloud and Audiomack have allowed artists from all of the world to connect and develop creative relationships with each other, making outside obsolete to some. Still, there’s nothing like linking with somebody face to face, which usually results in a more genuine collaboration. Hailing from Philly, respective groups 4VR and 7Minutes2la ended up building a relationship by seeing one another at various local events. After some discussions, they cliqued up to drop an intriguing album in 7MINUTES24VR.

Comprised of Ren & Caesar, 4VR linked with 7minutes2la members Matty MoonshineArmy Zenn and Solomon Caesar after noticing similar interests and running into one another at various events. What resulted is a bouncy, up-beat album that takes inspiration from EDM genres like Jersey Club and House Music, and combines them elements of R&B and Hip-Hop. Over the 13-tracks, the collective does a brilliant job of letting each other shine by allowing moments in the project for individuals to stand out.

Songs like, “SELFISH,” “LUV ETRNL” and “Not The One,” are notable for their features, with guests like Miles Chancellor and Ish Williams delivering lyrically driven appearances, but the group is at their best when it’s just them. While the features are engaging performances, records such as, “Luv4U” and “Dare U 2 Go,” are without a doubt the gems, with the latter having the potential to break through and garner some buzz on its’ own. Produced by Army Zenn and Solomon Caesar, "Dare U 2 Go," is a fun, engaging record that finds it's charm through sheer enjoyability, pairing upbeat production with otherworldly vocals, creating the project's standout track.

When speaking on the project, 4VR's Ren noted, "We chose to go in this direction sonically with the album after making over 40 songs over the course  of 2 years with no real direction, simply for the sake of creating." He continues, "Nothing hit us until back in January when we made the songs ‘Luv Etrnl’ & ‘Not The One’ which we all loved as a unit and decided that was the sound we were looking for the whole time."

Take a listen to the album below and get familiar with the supergroup, 7minutes24vr.

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