[Premiere] Dave Curl shares potent offering “Lockdown” from ‘Lockdown – Seven Nations”

Independent Australian-Swiss singer-songwriter and producer Dave Curl unveils his sophomore LP, Lockdown – Seven Nations led by scathing offering “Lockdown,” which offers us a potent look at a world in chaos through the dissenting lens of rock and roll.

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With whole project rooted in a catchy yet and thought-provoking sonic concoction, the track opens with electric guitars that build on organic percussive elements to make for a groovy finish. Led by poetic lyrics the reflect on the state of the world caught in the throes of a global pandemic, the track draws from personal perspective of his own quarantine but delivers in deeply relatable ways.

The visuals balance out the unsettling feelings of the track with contrasting imagery set in tranquil locations juxtaposed against scenes of people suffering around the world in sickness and isolation.

An album that puts this single song and theme in the hands of artists from Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, India, Italy, and the UK, who offer eight different versions of the same, the project is one that celebrates the universality of music, that translates emotions with clarity beyond language

Profound and expansive, the anthology-type musical offering is that taps into personal emotions of anger,fear, hope and disbelief with abundant creative and emotional expression.

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