Psyclo demands freedom in new single “Watch Me” [Video]

There is an ever-present feeling of danger which accompanies the music of Hollywood’s Psyclo: monstrously real, the beat of her latest single “Watch Me” crawls and twists in a manner that paralyzes you, with vocals that ensnare and devour the mind. Few would expect such a raw blend of hip-hop and pop from such youth as Psyclo is and yet the maturity of her verses, and the way she unleashes a devilish flow conjure up sonic wisdom beyond her years.

“Watch Me” is about a rejection of that which some may call possessiveness, in romantic relationships or elsewhere. The song pops and cracks with each verse and luscious hook, layering droning sounds that craft a structure meant to collapse on you during the breakdown finale, magnificently so. “Watch Me” has a quality to it that is fitting for the present, flirting with futurism yes but still intensely present in this moment in music; the video for the track is as 2020 as can be.

“I don’t wanna belong to anyone, I’m my own person, and freedom is above everything for me. Love is not something you want to put on a scale, but what do I know, I don’t know what love is, and I’m still learning how to love, and trying to get an understanding of it.” It is in that emotional reconfiguring where Psyclo finds her pulse, beating faster than she expects, but producing an aggressive flow that oxygenates her brand and keeps her much alive in the crowded L.A. scene.

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