PinkPantheress drops upbeat dance single "I Must Apologize"

Over the past year, TikTok has been opening doors for artists of all kinds into the music world. Capitalizing on this opportunity, PinkPantheress posted several songs to TikTok that went viral, eventually leading to a record deal with Parlophone and Elektra Records. Known for her light, breezy vocals PinkPantheress just released her new fast-paced hit called “I Must Apologise”. 

PinkPantheress has created a distinguished sound like nothing really out there.  With the help of a sample from ‘90s house classic “Gypsy Woman”, PinkPantheress crafts a transformative blend of Pop, R&B, and Funk. Playing off the title of the song, she explores the idea of the ramifications that come with people that are compulsive liars. Her raw, creative songwriting and production transform listeners into her imaginative world. The production, voice, and lyrics help to create a song truly showcasing all of PinkPantheress' talents.

PinkPantheress only further proves on "I Must Apologize" that she's here to stay. Her smooth melodic runs and impressive reworking of past hits show that she has a long career ahead of her.

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