Rangleklods drops homemade music video for euphoric track “Like That”

Back from a five-year journey around the world as part of internationally-acclaimed Danish duo, Blondage, one-man-electronic-army Esben Nørskov Andersen returns to his origin as Rangleklods. Honing in on his directorial skills, with a homemade video for single “Like That”- taken from his new EP  All About U which was released June 26th via Copenhagen Records –  Esben turns to his inner creativity.

The track is a euphoric yet melancholic electro offering which juxtaposes tinges of lyrical sadness with a fluid, catchy soundscape that makes you want to dance. The video- shot by Esben himself on the empty street of Copenhagen at 2 AM with a 360-degree camera – shows a desolate, isolated scene of Esben on the streets before it quickly transforms into a trance-inducing, shape-shifting visual. “Like That” is energetic track tempered by the psychedelic camera work.

Speaking of the track, Esben said : “Like That” is meant for listening alone. Taking a deep dive into your inner world, giving in to feeling melancholic but being hopeful at the same time. I wrote it in Los Angeles, with a view of the downtown skyline, and felt so alone although I was surrounded by millions of people. It was right then and there I knew I had to switch track in life as well as musically. And Rangleklods was reborn.”

He adds : “The video is showing the outside and the inside of me simultaneously and I wanted it to be dreamy, slightly confusing and give of that sense of being on your own. It was shot on a 360 camera in the middle of the night in Copenhagen. I didn’t really have a plan but went out alone and shot wherever I could find light. It turned out exactly how I wanted it. One good thing that has come from quarantine for me was that it forced me to learn to shoot and edit video. That has already had a big impact on the way I write where I see images and settings in the music at a way earlier stage. The graphics was done by Maja Sofie Brøgger and I think she totally captured that feeling of a messed up inner self.”

Fusing his love for pop melodies and immediacy with deep club grooves and brooding atmospherics, Rangleklods’ sound is catchy, wide ranging and never boring. Evolving from the atmospheric melancholia of his 2012 debut album, Beekeeper, to a more direct rave and industrial soundscape on his second album with 2015’s Straitjacket, Rangleklods proven once again with his latest EP that he is one of the most innovative acts on a new aspiring electronic music scene in Denmark.

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