Record label LoudKult achieve new milestone as it hits 1.5b streams

Swedish, LA-based record label LoudKult who have established themselves a tastemaker in EDM music, has hit a new milestone with 1.5 billion streams. The label who gained a reputation for their “by artists for artists” motto wield an expansive influence across EDM, Piano, lo-fi, and more.

With a goal of helping their artists grow with a focus on connection and collaboration, the label makes use of a variety of playlists to promote their artists, spanning from a wildly popular TikTok playlist to their nearly two-million follower strong Spotify playlist.

Founded in 2018 by musicians and producers Lucas Estrada and Alexander Almqvist (Alex Alexander, LoudKult has created a “music friendly” system for their label, putting the celebration of new music and maximum growth of artists above everything else.

Michel Fannoun, CEO of RHR Music Group, which licenses music to LoudKult, said, “For the team and me, LoudKult was a game-changer. From the start, Lucas led us to many great artists and producers. The rise of Blinded Hearts, a German dance music producer, is one of the label’s success stories. One of the first users to sign with LoudKult, grew from 100,000 monthly Spotify listeners to over 1 million in a short period.”

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