St. Humain unravels nostalgia-fueled offering with new single “Memento”

As an innate storyteller and compelling multi-disciplinary artist, St. Humain’s musical endeavors are unique in their entirety. Flooding listeners with authenticity, his repertoire serves up an amalgamation of sounds and stories, in an ode to relatability and genuine honesty.

His latest tune “Memento” offers a pop-inspired elegy to a time gone by. Hindsight can be an invaluable sentiment, but this latest track develops the tales of those bittersweet memories you hold onto when things become uncertain. Offering a lyrical recollection, he confides, “Memento came about from that core feeling of missing somebody or longing for somebody at times. I wanted to express that emotion set against the dreamland that is California. Imagine driving from state to state, trying to get back to where they are…”

In a euphoric blend of pop and electronica, St. Humain solidifies his status as a liquidiser of genres. Pounding beats pose a contagious undercurrent to the tune, as his echoic vocal energy rises atop tasteful melodies and blissful choruses. His lyricism evokes passionate thought, but his music will have a dance floor moving in no time. Striving to explore the emotions that make us truly human, “Memento” brings a healthy dose of charisma to the scene. His alluring resonance and passion for relatability set him apart.

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