The Other Way bring jazz-fusion on “Archeopteryx”

Bristol’s The Other Way have just dropped “Archeopteryx”, teasing their debut album ‘Learning to Be‘ out May 3rd, perfectly timed for their Cheltenham Jazz Festival appearance. Led by Rowan Porteous, the group merges jazz, folk, and soul, crafting a genre-defying sound that captivates listeners.

“Archeopteryx”‘ inspired by Thomas Hardy’s poem, enchants with its rhythmic drums, soulful vocals, and Porteous’s trumpet mastery. Vocalist Elly Hopkins adds depth, anchoring the song with her velvety voice. Porteous reveals the track’s genesis, drawing from Hardy’s contemplation of the prehistoric creature and humanity’s connection to nature.

Produced by Martin Pavey, “Archeopteryx” is a rich tapestry of sound, setting the stage for ‘Learning to Be.’ With Hopkins, Billie Bottle, Guillaume Ottaviani, and Emma Holbrook, the album promises a transformative journey, reflecting Porteous’s environmental concerns and personal struggles. Each track is infused with urgency and hope, resonating deeply with listeners.

As anticipation builds for The Other Way’s album and their festival performances, “Archeopteryx” stands for exploration and social commentary. In an age of uncertainty, their music inspires us to embrace change and strive for a better future.

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