There are no “Bad Reviews” when it comes to stevexcooper’s latest offering

stevexcooper continues to develop his international sonic identity, with global collaborations and multidisciplinary musical projects that have seen him soar in recent months. Now, he’s returning to the scene with his new single “Bad Reviews,” featuring acclaimed artist Gabe Gill. Ahead of their upcoming collaborative release BREAKDOWN AT THE CINEPLEX, they’ve dropped an absolute showstopper of a new single.

“Bad Reviews” explores the dissociation of a relationship and the distance that is often encountered as a result. stevexcooper explains, “The movie theme and visual concept revealed itself through the songwriting process, rather than being discussed in advance. We had wanted to drop an a-side/b-side release for a while and tried hard to find the right pair of tunes. “You N Me Show” was in the can already when a huge light bulb went off during the writing of “Bad Reviews”: we realized it also used television and movie-making metaphors to tell a love story. We leaned into that the rest of the way.”

Melancholy meets metaphors as the duo explore the mental distance of the digital space and utilise this to explore the idea that a relationship is being viewed rather than experienced. With pounding basslines and tantalizing choruses, “Bad Reviews” is bound to attract the complete opposite…

In their new oxymoronic double-faced offering, stevexcooper unveils humbling resonance. It’s his ability to create an atmosphere around his music that makes him one to keep a close eye on in coming months. His multifaceted talents and passion for creativity set him apart.

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