thomTide continues his Winter season on “zeroSum”

Enigmatic and versatile, thomTide’s fourth and newest track in his Winter collection encapsulates the darkness of the bleak midwinter and the yearning for Spring as the change of seasons still seems distant and the weather grows colder with each day.  For the uninitiated, thomTide has been pursuing an incredible creative undertaking as he chronicles the seasons through a series of interrelated, biweekly tracks that mirror the rise and fall of the seasons like the ebb and flow of the tides.  The Fall season was appropriately more upbeat and pop-inspired while the Winter season has seen a more subdued and experimental turn to the project.  Beginning with the more classical “sunBirth”, the Winter season has slowly meandered into a neo-soul inspired groove that primes the listener for the upcoming Spring collection.   

“zeroSum” follows the theme of the artist’s other Winter tracks; existing in a somewhat subdued and experimental state with woozy vocals and delayed, echoing percussion.  Despite releasing in the middle of Winter, there is a definite hope or cautious optimism underlying the track.  Mirroring the days steadily growing longer and brighter, the track has more of an upbeat lilt than previous Winter releases. 

Part of the innate uniqueness in thomTide’s music is that it functions as something, by definition, sonically fluid and indefinable.  What sounded like alt-pop or indie music months ago has become classical compositions and neo-soul musings.  Exacerbated by the coming of Spring, the mystifying sonic evolution of thomTide’s releases begs to be followed and chronicled as the listener never knows what genre to expect next.  

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