YN Drako’s new album is a ‘Kamikaze’

North Carolina’s YN Drako is a rising hip-hop artist, intrigued by the entertainment industry from day one. The son of a professional MMA & Muah Thai fighter, Drako decided entertaining was in his blood at a young age – and he wasn’t wrong. Coming a long way from his debut album in 2019, Drako released his latest album on March 31 – a masterpiece from start to finish. With features from TophillfreddoDanny TowersDj SideReal, PeechBelisNevi, Billy Pe$oM3MO, and Apex 3400, “Kamikaze” is an album packed with variety, bars, and sheer talent.

“Kamikaze” kicks into action with, well, “Action!”. Its unique digitalized soundscape is the perfect way to start an album, giving us the first glimpse of YN Drako’s flow lyrical capability – immediately before launching into an absolute banger: “Bonecrusher”, featuring Danny Towers. If you thought the first song was the project’s peak, you’re in for a surprise. Wet and bassy 808s meet lyrical mayhem as Danny Towers tears into the first half of the track – setting the stage for Drako to murder what remains of the beat. And just when you think the album has reached its full potential, Drako throws you a curveball with the next track. And so it goes until the end, an ongoing collection of Drako’s versatility. From more emotional tracks on mellow guitar beats, like “TV” (featuring Dj SideReal), to the Boom Bap and RnB vibes we see on “Mixed Emotions” (featuring Nevi), each track adds an element of surprise to the overall project – keeping fans on their toes. The album is laid out in a way that agrees with listeners, starting hard and aggresive before mellowing down to a close. As we get ready for the end, we’re greeted by the sweet melodies of “Flight” (featuring M3MO) right before the finale: Narcissist (featuring Apex 3400).

Overall, the album is a work of art. From the beats, to the lyrics, to the mixing and engineering – everything adds up to create a cool and unique listening experience for new and pre-existing fans. Surprising the masses with “Kamikaze”, YN Drako has marked himself as an artist to keep an eye on in 2023.

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