KaeDee and Tigz go head to head to address their "Idols"

In a genre like hip-hop that's filled with braggadocio and swagger, when an artist comes along to question that narrative, you can't help but stop and listen. UK-based MC KaeDee is one of those artists, having dropped a series of thought-provoking projects that cover subjects as mental health, the vanity of modernity and the hard realities of chasing your dreams.

With three official projects under his belt since 2019, his tireless work ethic continues past the release of Written At No. 16 which dropped just a few short months ago with "Idols," a collaboration with underground rapper Tigz.


One of KaeDee's most compelling traits is his crisp and intelligible diction that adds further vindication to the stirring lyricism, which leaves you hanging off each confidently delivered word. Bursting straight into the chorus, "Idols" is a great introduction to KaeDee's sound, as with such formidable lyricism, it calls for as equally as hard-hitting productions which is evident from as soon as you hit play.

Using an a la mode aesthetic to perpetuate its focus, KaeDee explains in an email statement that, "The song came about from freestyling over club beats on YouTube, and the concept of "idol worship" came out through the lyrics, so I locked in with my producer AMoZ to build that similar vibe and we put the song together from there. We then sent it to Tigz who's been getting a lot of traction in the underground UK scene, as well as big artists and radio DJs."

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