Trash Fiasco sways between sonic extremes on “Turned To Prey”

Chicago garage-punk act Trash Fiasco offers a glimpse of their upcoming album Exist as Instructed with bellowing production “Turned To Prey,” which swaps crooning verses with jolting choruses in a stunning showcase of sonic extremes.

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Soaring yet introspective, the track ruminates on between a safe life and an exemplary one, lingering on the excruciating pain of letting time pass you by while delaying a life changing decision before capturing the fear and hope of moving forward rather than turning back.

With a manic touch and frenzy rooted in the trio’s punk fuelled garage rock style, the track encapsulates the LP’s theme of character driven internalised rage while also showcasing the band’s diverse range.

Loud and thoughtful all at once, Trash Fiasco who made a solid impression with their 2021 debut album continues to pull us into their world with their chaotic allure.

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