Trillmulaa and MAKETHEMONEY find a “Higher Realm” with new collaborative single

Brooklyn rapper, Trillmulaa has teamed up with fellow gemini, CHASETHEMONEY for the expansive manifest destiny of “Higher Realm.” A self described “weirdo,” Trill has been establishing his chameleon like vocal ability, thriving in whatever space an instrumental opens up for him. His knack for finding and switching up a flow, comfort working in and out of a beat, and relentless work ethic has matriculated into an already established discography of quality material. He’s an old soul–his chief focus is staying true to himself and spreading his truth. In speaking to him briefly, he described a growing sense of frustration with the industry and a desire to truly celebrate his individuality: “It’s all just video games, it’s Clash of Clans. I’m just trying to project the real, my real purpose here. Do what they say I can’t do.” 

On “Higher Realm,” he finds a stream of consciousness, rapid fire delivery similar to the free flowing comfortable cadence a Playboi Carti track might resemble. Brooding, growling vocals discuss his disappointment he  has for some of his peers in the industry as well as a resolute message to reach a clear mental for himself. CHASETHEMONEY finds a familiar, springy trap drum loop with a see-sawing synth riff laid underneath. The combination proves a sort of foggy aura; a mysterious feel, but still leaning forward into each bar. Trill described the union in saying, “I really manifested it. I spoke it to existence,” and that shines through in the bite he is able to give his delivery.  

Trill is constantly producing quality tracks. For those unfamiliar, make sure to keep up to date with him via his social links below. Also linked is his new music video for “888,” released last week. 

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