Ts3di dives within on “Let Go”

Kenya-born, California-based emerging singer Ts3di caught our ears with her new single “Let Go” that was written during the global lockdown and dives into inner reflection. With nowhere to go and a lot of time on deck, she gives an interesting take on the concept of moving on and letting go of dead weights. The song sees her working with producer WZM who she linked with at the start of the quarantine in March. Via several zoom meetings and demo recordings, the duo finally put together the final product.

Bolstered by a classic neo-soul arrangement rife with warm Rhodes, soft percussions, and dreamy horns to complete the job, the track harks back to the mid-00s era. Ts3di sure sounds at home too and her silky vocals punctuate the track with much emotion and passionate vigor. With lyrics like “It’s a turn of events and I don’t even know anymore/What I want I will find, but I can’t seem to let it go,” she is hopeful of the future while also acknowledging the past so as to move on completely.

“Let Go” is her first release under the moniker Ts3di. Her previous releases were another the Tsedi name. Get “Let It Go” on all DSPs here.

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