Tuvaband proves the power of manifestation on “Something Good”

Norway-hailing indie act Tuvaband drops uplifting track “Something Good,” which manifests the optimistic outcome that everyone hopes for during dark times. Inspired by the tense, dystopian feeling that we all lived through during the pandemic, the cinematic track blends ethereal soundscapes and floaty vocals with an artistry traversing pop, rock and folk.

Hinged on poetic lyricism such as “I will write pleasure now, for the very first time. And I believe, I do believe that something good is gonna happen”, the track was born while listening to Kate Bush’s “Cloudbusting,” with Tuvaband channelling her creativity into the hopeful messages she wanted more of.

The third single off her forthcoming album New Orders, “Something Good,” beautifully captures Tuvaband’s versatile sound design weaving through delicate yet soaring instrumentation unveiling her ability to be vulnerable and powerful at once. With the album set to be a showcase of Oslo act’s full potential, this latest single provides just a pinch of the feel-good vibes we all need.

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