Ukiyo touches on the compromises people make in “The Middle” of relationships

Ukiyo is an artist electronic producer out of Australia and following the release of “Good Enough” in May 2020, the Perth-based artist has returned with with a new collaboration title “The Middle”, a song all about the compromises people make in relationships.

Ukiyo · Ukiyo, Panama – The Middle

Ukiyo has teamed up with Panama on a song that showcases the artist’s unique use of digital production, vocals (in the way the song kicks off right away with the leading lyrics), slow-building instrumentals and clicks, and a soundscape that features prominent piano and synth keys throughout the pice, which in itself ironically is placed in the middle chronologically of his forthcoming album.

Ukiyo has a busy remainder of 2020 on the horizon with the release of his forthcoming record, set for release on November 13th, and additionally venturing into producing music for other artists.

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