Veronica drops intricate production “The Lake Of the Dead”

UK-based singer-songwriter and producer Veronica drops intricate production “The Lake Of the Dead,” pairing glittering pianos and echoing percussions with melancholic vocal flows. The dreamy number is underscored by an eerie feel inspired by a dream she had.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, she says, “I wrote this about this song about a weird dream I had: me and my family lived in a village where death happened in a peculiar way. When it’s your time to die, you feel it and you have to go to the lake and let yourself drown. Everyone was ok with this but one day it was my turn and I didn’t want to go.My family couldn’t understand why and just said “goodbye” to me, after moments of desperation I decided to surrender, and let myself go and as soon as I died I was transported towards a white light and I was born again.”

Led by an alluring story framed by transportive harmonies and lush instrumentation, the track is a showcase of Veronica’s ability to blend spirituality and emotional health with her delicate artistry. With this captivating release a stepping stone for much more, Veronica is sure to continue to command attention

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