Dirt Miller shares folk rock new single “Roll The Dice”

Blues rock meets folk singer/songwriter Dirt Miller has unveiled his latest single “Roll The Dice,” with an accompanying music video. “Roll The Dice,” follows this year’s single release “Blood In The Water,” and last year’s “D1.”

With “Roll The Dice,” Dirt Miller uses the title as a metaphor for gambling with one’s own life and making wrong decisions that impact one’s own future in the worst way.  With lyrics including “I couldn’t see my reflection / walking the line of life / losing myself in despair / I made friends with the demon / lost all control,” Dirt Miller explores how taking a chance with reckless abandonment can have negative consequences.

Sonically, the single features intricate folk inspired guitar picking, soul-drenched vocals and soaring melodies. Foot-stomping beats and driving basslines highlight the theme of urgency in bad decision making. The music video was set in a deserted ghost town called Rhyolite where gambling and prostituion ran amuck. The old mining town provides a perfect backdrop for the nostalgic sound of Dirt Miller and the song’s meaning of wrongful indulgence.

Dirt Miller is a guitar virtuoso and a raw and candid songwriter. The artist began releasing music in 2020 with his debut folk pop tune “Sometimes It’s Hard.” Since then, Miller has shared a series of emotive singles centred on themes such as spirituality, life’s hardships and overcoming adversity. With more music in the works, we are excited to hear what is next from this blue rock phenomenon.

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